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Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral which was used widely in buildings from the 1950s until 1999. Asbestos was considered a miracle mineral and was used in insulation and fire proofing as well as having acoustic and anti corrosive characteristics.

Asbestos was added to materials such as garage roof sheets, ceiling tiles, textured coatings, pipe insulation, spray insulation, insulation boards and floor tiles. Asbestos remains today in many buildings including domestic properties, schools, offices, factories and hospitals. Inhalation of loose asbestos fibres can cause disease and even death, so management of asbestos in buildings is vital.

If you are responsible for maintenance of non-domestic premises, you have a duty to manage the asbestos in the premises and to protect anyone using or working in the premises from the risks to health that exposure to asbestos causes. If you think you have asbestos, taking the time to risk assess your project before beginning work could possibly save your life and the health of your family and friends. Working closely with our clients we offer a safe, friendly and professional service helping identify asbestos in buildings and materials, detecting disturbed asbestos fibres in air and managing asbestos remediation projects.


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